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In the fifty years that I was actively involved in the violin business I produced 178 instruments including 62 violins, 60 violas and 56 cellos.


The following is a list of some of the notable positions that were held or won by my instruments over the years.


Ann Arbor Symphony Principal Viola
Amsterdam Concertgebouw Viola
Baltimore Symphony Cello
Barcelona Opera Viola
Boston Symphony Principal Viola
Chicago Symphony Cello
Cincinnati Symphony Viola
Cleveland Symphony Viola
Columbus Symphony Cello
Colorado Springs Symphony 2 Cellos
Colorado Symphony Associate Principal Viola, Cello
Dallas Symphony Associate Concertmaster Violin, 2 Principal Violas, Sec. Viola, Cello
Dallas Opera 2 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos
Detroit Symphony Principal Cello
Emerson Quartet Cello
Hartford Symphony Principal Viola, Principal Cello
Hong Kong Symphony Viola, Cello
Houston Symphony Cello
Kansas City Symphony Cello
Lisbon Port. Symphony Violin
Milwaukee Symphony 2 Violas
Minneapolis Symphony Viola
Mirecourt Trio Cello
Mure Quartet Cello
National Symphony Viola, Cello
New Mexico Philharmonic Violin, Cello
New World Symphony 2 Cellos
New York Met. Opera Viola
New York Philharmonic Associate Principal Viola, Sec. Viola, Violin
Puerto Rico Symphony Viola
Philadelphia Symphony Associate Principal Cello, Sec. Cello
Phoenix Symphony 3 Cellos
Pittsburgh Symphony Cello
Salt Lake Symphony Cello
San Antonio Symphony 2 Violins
San Francisco Symphony 2 Violas
Savanna Symphony Principal Cello
Stella Trio Cello